Music Video Premiere: ColdWards Unveils “Bad News”

Texas-based nu-rock band ColdWards introduces their new single/music video, “Bad News,” a track lifted from their forthcoming EP via Wake Up! Music Rocks.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Dolese, “Bad News” was engineered by Sean Crosby, Zac Crosby, and Paul Crosby.

Made up of Sean Crosby (guitars, vocals), Zac Crosby (vocals), Paul Crosby (drums), and Richie Hey (bass), ColdWards formed in 2020, followed by signing with Wake Up! Music Rocks, which is part of Pepper Gomez’s indie label Wake Up! Music Group.

In 2021, ColdWards released “Say Something,” followed by “My Skeletons,” “Stained On You,” and “Whirlwind.” Last year, they dropped their debut album, Bloodwork, which amassed more than one million streams.

ColdWards’ compelling sound conjures up suggestions of the visceral force of Drowning Pool and the intensity of Linkin Park, informing their music with heavy harmonic layers as well as surfaces of polished melodicism.

Along with their unique sound, ColdWards’ vocals set it apart from the ordinary, adding evocative sonic textures over the musical storm. This dual aspect of muscular harmonics and refined vocals ranging from soft and compassionate to potent stridency imbues their compositions with unprecedented edginess.

Speaking about their sound, Sean says, “As far as singing goes, I’d say 1. Chester Bennington – Linkin Park. 2. Danny Worsnop – Asking Alexandria. 3. Jeremy McKinnon – A Day to Remember had a significant influence on how I went about developing my singing voice. I still regularly listen to these guys.”

“Bad News” opens on luminous, gleaming hues flowing into heavy, growling guitars, followed by descending to shimmering washes topped by evocative, unyielding, intimate vocals. The guitars elevate on the chorus, riding a ferocious rhythm held together by Paul Crosby’s walloping percussion, including tasty insertions of double bass.

The song builds, taking on a beefy wall-of-sound weight as chiming, sparkling hues add urgent accents, giving the tune a frayed wire sense of imminence.

Although massive and powerful, there’s a filament of elegance running through “Bad News,” making it superbly expressive. This is a grand track from a gifted band.

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