ColdWards are bound for success in 2022 with the full-length album “Bloodwork” release date TBA.

About Coldwards

ColdWards (pronounced Cold-Words) – is a four piece rock band with three family members including drummer Paul Crosby of Grammy nominated, gold and Platinum selling Saliva, and his two sons.

    • Youngest son, Zac Crosby, (vocals/ all things electronic (loops, samples, synths, etc.)
    • Oldest son, Sean Crosby (vocals/guitar)
    • Longtime bass player, Richie Hey

Together they make a powerhouse not far removed from the sound of bands like Saliva, only carrying the torch further down the musical landscape into the new frontier.

ColdWards are a very percussive and vocal dominated style of music with chunky riffs and most of all deep lyrics with a message for today’s youth

Although Sean lives in Wisconsin and Zac lives in Memphis, they consider themselves Houston, TX based, where Paul Crosby himself and Richie Hey live.

Their debut single “Say Something” official release date was October 29th via Wake Up Music Rocks!

The track is a colossal hit geared to immediately impact radio – with that modern rock edge combined with an essence of the familiar classic nu Rock sound fans of Paul Crosby have come to expect.