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ColdWards (pronounced Cold-Words) – is a four-piece rock band with three family members including drummer Paul Crosby of Grammy nominated, gold and Platinum selling Saliva, and his two sons.

Youngest son Zac Crosby, (vocals/all things electronic (loops, samples, synths, etc.) and oldest son, Sean Crosby (vocals/guitar), with the band rounded out with the addition of bass player Richie Hey.

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“Say Something” is about a person’s struggle with their addiction and the battle that they endure within themselves while feeling like they’re alone in their own personal war, like they’re a complete outcast in a room full of people just waiting for someone to reach out to them about it.

COLDWARDS bound for success in 2022



ColdWards are bound for success in 2022 with the full-length album – release date TBA.

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“Paul Crosby from Saliva, and ColdWards joins us to talk about the new project ColdWards.” (11.02.21)

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