ColdWards are abound for success with the release of their first album dropping on September 16, 2022.


4th song off of ColdWards first album "Bloodwork".


3rd song off of ColdWards first album "Bloodwork".

COLDWARDS bound for success in 2022


Coldwards (pronounced Cold-Words) – is a five-piece rock band from Houston Texas comprised of drummer Paul Crosby of Grammy nominated + Gold and Platinum awarded Saliva (Click Click Boom, Always, Your Disease), as well as:

    • Sean Crosby – Vocals/Guitar
    • Zac Crosby – Vocals/Electronics
    • Richie Hey – Bass
    • Michael Friese – Guitar

Together they make a powerhouse of Heavy yet melodic riffs with immensely catchy hooks. Coldwards are a very percussive and vocal dominated style of music with chunky riffs and most of all deep lyrics with a message for today’s youth.

Official release date for their brand-new single “Whirlwind” is July 22nd via Wake Up! Music Rocks. The track is a colossal hit geared to immediately impact radio – with that Alternative Metal edge combined with an essence of the familiar classic sound fans of Paul Crosby have come to expect. Coldwards are bound for success in 2022 with the full-length album “Bloodwork” release TBA (coming this summer).

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“Paul Crosby from Saliva, and ColdWards joins us to talk about the new project ColdWards.” (11.02.21)

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